Background Video Pro

bg video logoBackground Video Pro lets you easily transform your Youtube movie into your website background! This is a great way to add impact and appeal to your site. Since it is a module, you can add different videos to different pages to enhance the users experience. Although it is responsive, video does not play on any mobile devices (iOs, Android, Windows, etc.) due to restrictions applied by the vendors on media controls via javascript. For this reason we added a parameter to allow you to add a background image. Adding a background image to the body as mobile devices fallback is a good practice and it will also prevent unwanted flickering on browsers when the video is buffering.

Background Video Pro is included with Elevate. You can purchase it separately HERE


  1. Responsive

  2. Autoplay

  3. Video Loop

  4. Easy add video from Youtube

  5. Background image fallback

  6. Raster image overlay

  7. Full Screen mode

  8. Show/Hide video controls

  9. Set initial volume

  10. Start audio muted or unmuted


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