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Video Loop Tutorial

To make looping videos with audio, I used the following FREE sources.

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  1. Select a looping video here: http://churchmediadesign.tv/category/freebies/freebies-backgrounds/

  2. Select an audio loop here: http://www.flashkit.com/loops/Easy_Listening/Instrumental/

  3. Use WavePad to duplicate/edit/adjust your loop. The video and audio should be the same length. So if your video is 40 seconds long and your loop is 10 seconds, you can copy/paste the loop 4 times to achieve the 40 seconds. You can then use the effects menu to fade in and out the audio and silence the last 2 seconds.

  4. TIPS: Right click in Wavepad and use tools like "Insert Silence" and "Repeat Loop". Use Effects-> Fade In/Fade Out to fade in and out the volume. To lower the overall volume of the clip, Select all and use Effects-> Amplifiy. Then set volume to 50% or 60%.

We must silence the last 2 seconds of audio because the script it is set to end the video 2 seconds early. This is done to prevent the display of the "play" button at the end of the video that otherwise would be displayed by Youtube.



Finally, we use Machete to combine the audio and video. In machete, we open the video file. We then choose File->Add audio stream to add our newly edited audio file. Then we save the combined file and upload to Youtube to use on our project.


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