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beer small

Give your favorite coder something to toast to with this geeky glassware, featuring HTML lingo.

aquarium small

Tiny bioluminescent plankton illuminate this spherical environment when you gently swirl it.

scotch small

Savor the subtle satisfaction of fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks.

lake small

This hand-assembled, wood topographical map shows the contours and 3D details of your favorite lake.

lightstax small

Create bright cityscapes and glowing creatures with these building blocks that light up as you play.

fire small

A great gift for city-lovers and apartment-dwellers, these clever shelves are in the form of a fire escape.

owl small

This unique and fun light is small but stylish and perfect for any room.


This journal gives you prompts for recording your life's
experiences, relationships and hard-won wisdom.

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Cleverly tote a mixed six-pack to parties with this carrier handcrafted out of reclaimed redwood beams. It even has a built in opener!

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